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Legal Team Lucas Ford (Australian Qualified)

Lucas has extensive experience in the policy and contentious aspects of competition and consumer protection, including investigations, regulation and public policy development gained working at a number of National Regulatory Authorities.

At Towerhouse, Lucas leads cases in the Competition Appeal Tribunal, CMA, High Court, Court of Appeal and complaints and investigations of economic regulators. These include price control appeals, judicial reviews and Competition Act cases. Lucas also chairs multi-client working groups, maintaining close relationships with regulators on specific strategic policy issues, developing policy and drafting consultation responses.

On contentious matters, Lucas’ recent public cases include:

Ofcom Competition Act infringement decision in relation to Royal Mail’s abuse of a dominant position (2018). Acting for the successful complainant, Whistl.

EE & Others v Ofcom (2015-17) “ALF Appeal”. High Court/Court of Appeal. Judicial review of Ofcom’s annual licence fees decision for 900 MHz and 1800MHz spectrum. Acting for the successful intervener Vodafone.

H3G and BT/EE v Ofcom & Others (2017/18) “5G Auction appeals”. High Court/Court of Appeal. Judicial review of Ofcom's 2.3 and 3.4 GHz auction spectrum decision. Acting for the successful intervener.

TalkTalk v Ofcom (2017), “BCMR NDR appeal”. CMA. Acting for the successful Appellant.

BT v Ofcom & Others (2017), “BMCR Appeals”. CAT. Acting for Vodafone, Three, TalkTalk, Colt as interveners in support of Ofcom.

BT v Ofcom (2016/17) “Ethernet appeal”. Court of Appeal. Representing Verizon, Virgin Media and Vodafone as successful Respondents.

Lucas was previously a Senior Associate at Ofcom in the competition investigations team where he worked on disputes and enquiries relating to charge controls, competition issues and numbering issues.

Prior to Ofcom, Lucas was Regulatory Manager at the Legal Services Board, the oversight regulator of the legal services regulators in the UK. Lucas led on a national review of complaints handling across the legal profession and developing a new set of regulatory principles for regulators. He also reviewed regulators codes of conduct for competition and consumer protection issues.

In Australia, Lucas was Assistant Director at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). His responsibilities included the development and enforcement of national sectorial regulation, competition and consumer protection investigations and copyright policy development and litigation. This included managing cases on behalf of the ACCC at Copyright Tribunal of Australia.

Lucas was educated at Monash University and the College of Law in Melbourne, Australia. He has bachelor’s degrees in Laws and Economics and also studied the law and economics of access regulation at a masters level at Melbourne University.

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