Privacy and consumer law and regulation

We work with clients in large retail businesses across the regulated sectors, including former utilities and new players. We understand the requirements of the data protection regime, and help our clients find a balance that correctly accounts for the need to protect their customers from abuse while enabling the innovative commercial use of consumer data to develop and target new services. One of our partners, Rosaleen Hubbard, is a Commissioner of the Direct Marketing Commission.

The requirements of consumer law reform in Europe and in each member state continue to grow, with every industry under pressure to be responsive to regulators’ concerns about simplicity and clarity of choice. We have particular experience in developing ‘codes of practice’ and in working with industry groups to develop co-regulatory proposals that can avoid the need for more intrusive rules.


'Well respected by Ofcom’ and in the telecoms community generally, Paul Brisby is praised by clients for his regulatory and competition expertise. He is also noted for his “practicality and healthy understanding” of the industry,” (2007)

“This compact but highly expert firm has carved out a commanding niche in the market.”
Chambers & Partners

Paul Brisby of Towerhouse Consuting “an outstanding strategic thinker”